Chanthaburi - flood the border from unwinding. Cambodian workers who owe back country.



                      If flood permanent border crossing Thailand - Cambodia, Cape Village, T. Suthep Muang Chanthaburi premonition Tue Opegngmrgon ago yesterday (9 October) resulted store merchants Cambodian and Thai female than 200 stores. border crossing in the Cambodian migrants drowned and merchants owe female Cambodian border crossing in the permanent. Can not rip currents to the country. To overnight camping in public Banlaem Center. T. Suthep Temple Banlaem and prognostication with the Thai authorities to help in food, drinking water and toilets, clothing, medicine, according to news reports already. 


                        Recent developments. Journalists reported. During dawn today (October 10), water flooded a permanent border crossing Banlaem. Be downgraded until around without flooding the market. Except near a canal bridge checkpoint. Permanent border crossing in Thailand - Cambodia Cape village, only water level continues to flood. Can not run until the car has passed. However, the water level in the bridge, however, has decreased continuously. 


                       While female workers Cambodian Cambodian merchants than 700 people remain in the border crossing permanently. And government centers Baanlaem. Baanlaem is measured sleep last night past. Began gradually carry various items to return to Cambodia since this morning. The Marine scout scout from the control set at 2 Mon Chanthaburi Marine facilities. A military truck 2 cars and luggage are the people of Cambodia to submit to any door except the permanent border crossing situations flood the market after the border crossing has been improvement merchants Cambodian woman. Are accelerated clear garbage in various shops of the individual. And cleaning in the market. With exploration of various products, each has been damaged by flooding. 


                       Mr. hermit Degree Set Association honored merchant Thai border - Cambodia Mon Chantaburi revealed that water flooded the village a permanent border crossing after this sharp decrease of water has been monitoring damage found total damages. More than 30 million baht a separate damage caused by goods transport operators to send Cambodian trade or not trade system damage from over 20 million products from damage, water damage market is more than 10 million and the loss of the motorcycle. More than 20 cars crash because of cataract, and motor vehicle crash more cars 3.