Chanthaburi Help Center unemployed people.

   Chanthaburi Province comprehensive service center labor problems. From the economic crisis. To help employ disabled workers. As well as unemployment. 

     Mr. Pool Pranut divinity student bully governor Chanthaburi Province Chanthaburi province has opened revealing that the Board of Directors Meeting monitor and analyze the economic situation affect workers Chantaburi Province on 20 January 2552 at Meeting Room 3, Department of Labor provincial government center. Chanthaburi. The meeting approved the resolution. Comprehensive service center labor problems. From the economic crisis at the Office of Employment Chanthaburi Province Chanthaburi province. Services in respect of the mission of the Department of Labor on benefits from the care careers. Skill development and support professionals. With authority. The Director to assist entrepreneurs and employees affected by the economic crisis according to the Ministry of Labor determined in 4 cases: 1. If the establishment is likely to lay employees. 2 cases, workplace affairs termination. 3 employees. If the employee is to change the termination of the agricultural sector 4. If the new graduates into the labor market. The office recruitment Chanthaburi Province. Agencies will be responsible for the registration of disabled employment. Coordination locate vacancies. Organization to coordinate activities included work with the disabled employee wages. Agencies to coordinate related training or professional development who are skilled workers to lay the job opportunities or other career. Coordinate relevant agencies to provide agricultural land to do is lay the unemployed. Coordinating agency coordinating overseas employment to send the disabled to work overseas employment, social security offices to coordinate operations to pay benefits to disabled people who employ the system of unemployment insurance. Public Service Center's comprehensive services. 

     So people have been affected by labor problems, please contact more details. Employment Office at Chanthaburi Province. 0-3932-5913 to 4 phone numbers and office hours in the day.