Office of Labor Protection Welfare "Chanthaburi" organized International Women's Day.


               You think she Gian Hitts satisfied. Labor Protection and Welfare Chanthaburi Province said today (March 4) that on March 8 every year is International Women's Day. Chanthaburi Province. The Office of Labor Protection and Welfare Province. With the Office of Social Development and Human Security. Chanthaburi Province. Chanthaburi Province Women Development Board. Administration of Chanthaburi Province. Office of Community Development and Chantaburi Province. Scheduled annual International Women's Day 2552 at the Central Stadium Chanthaburi Province. Organized campaigns to promote the importance of women. A role in the development of their communities and society as a driving force of many. Not least is the organization of working women have been raising the burden on individual families. Must also perform within the family and working out. To revenue is a significant part in strengthening the economic development of Thailand. It should be held on International Women's Day. To women in each community to work. Events. Meet and chat exchange experience. As the promotion campaign. Release to the public and private sector organizations see the importance of the role of women. 


                 "The products are cheap. Walking campaign honor His Majesty the King of the women. The Women's Recreation Group. General health examination and detection of breast cancer. The Office of Labor Protection and Welfare Chanthaburi Province. Held to announce the delivery of Fame for outstanding women work through the year 2552, which is determined by the Ministry of Labor. The women were selected as the outstanding work of national legislation 1, including her radiant happiness pool of human resources manager or วัฒน Bangkok Hospital Medical Ltd. - Chantaburi has been selected as the women's national Outstanding Operations category. medium enterprise businesses. Which has been granted by Lord John Worachai shield her family Praagcsehga Sri era General Mis Worachai princess royal meeting room at the marshal. B.Sc. Pibol war. Ministry of Labor. On Friday, March 6, 2552 and provide notice of Fame Outstanding Women by the honorable Mr. Pool Pranut student bully governor Chanthaburi Province. Sunday, March 8, 2552 at the Central Stadium Chantaburi province, "said her dream.